Hanzhong dj-q&y sealing material co., ltd. was founded in1980Years,The northwest region is the only engaged in non-metallic sealing gasket products research and development and production of professional manufacturers,Is“The Chinese association of friction sealing materials”The member unit,Also is the national standard(GB/T2067)--Non-metallic gaskets material classification system and test method for the main drafting units。
         The company of nearly 30 years specializing in the research and development and production of experiment,With industry leading technology and facilities,Focus on the production of various types of sealing materials and sealing gaskets,Products are mainly used in car、The water in the engineering machinery、Steam、Oil seal of the medium。Baic of form a complete set of product、Dongfeng automobile company、Jianghuai、QuanChai、Shanghai dragon、Tianjin ray、Which makes、Fujian mansion、Xugong group and other large company...

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